M70 decoflair Ceiling roses

Dimensions (LxHxW): 200 mm x 200 mm x 32 mm

Material: High-density polyurethane foam

Price / piece: 21.39 €

Quantity / pack: 1 pc

Advantages of Ceiling roses M70 decoflair:

  • Shock resistant
  • Primed - ready for painting
  • Easy to install
1 pc x
Total - 1 pc
Tax included


Enhance your interiors with a decorative element like the M70 small ceiling rose. The M70 uses patterns found in nature to create a traditional look and feel.

Ideal for the DIYer, the M70 is fast and easy to install. It arrives readily primed and can be customised by painting in your chosen colour.

Fix the lightweight ceiling rose in place with glue to leave a lasting impression on a room. And thanks to sustainable production processes, the M70 is completely recyclable.

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